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This site provides a range of free ideas, as well as software and product recommendations for boosting your brain-power.

A few simple ideas can really help you be smarter, more creative, happier, more relaxed and better at your job

Are you interested in boosting your memory? Unleashing your creativity? Reading faster, achieving more of your goals and feeling less stressed? 

Getting the most from your mind has never been more important. We live in an age of information, where knowledge is power, and we're all expected to produce and consume more information than ever before. This also makes it important that we all get more creative too. Computers are increasingly taking over Human work, and competition across the world is hotting up, meaning that there’s never been a more pressing need for you to bring your own unique creative solutions to your work and life in general.

Even if you aren't interested in boosting your brain to help you at work, there are many personal benefits to increasing your own brain-power.

What are Brain Boosting Tools?

These can be software, gadgets, books or even ideas that help boost your mind. Basically my definition of a these tools is broad, and encompasses pretty much anything (aside from illegal drugs!) that will increase your ability to think, be creative, or to be happier/more relaxed.

We live at a time when there’s a greater range of such tools available to us than ever before. However, it can be hard to get an overview of all the techniques available, and which ones might work for you. That’s what I aim to provide with this site.

This Site’s Mission

I have three goals for the site:

(1) To explain things in clear, plain English

I always aim to express ideas in the simplest and clearest way possible. I don’t want you scratching your head or having to re-read a paragraph to struggle to understand it.

(2) To give my honest view on whether each tool works

I don’t tend to feature tools that I don’t believe work or are over-hyped. If I do mention them, I make it clear if I don’t believe they work.

(3) To focus on the areas where I believe its possible to make the biggest progress

There are many areas that I could write about, but I tend to focus on the following ones as I believe they are where the best gains can be made:


You could almost certainly benefit from improved memory skills. There are loads of ways that a better memory can help you: at school, work, career development, hobbies.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation can help you feel calmer, make it easier for you to think, and also improve your health.


Our minds can be hard to tame: by setting goals you can better direct your mind to focus on the things you want to achieve.


This is a more general area of ideas for improving your lifestyle.

Software and apps

Here are some suggestions for great pieces of software and apps for your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Lucid Dreaming

Learning to become conscious whilst you are dreaming, and even to go on to control the dream is an amazing skill. Its one of the harder techniques that I write about but has loads of potential for exploring your own mind and creativity.

Self-improvement books

Summaries and comments of self-improvement books that I found valuable.

Health and brain boosting

Your general health, diet and exercise have a big effect on your ability to think. This section will give you some useful health ideas that also benefit your mind.

Speed reading

Whilst there are some wild claims made in this area, it is possible to increase your reading speed. Get through that pile of waiting books and magazines in less time!


Greater creativity results in having a greater number of ideas and solutions.


Our lives are the result of the choices we make. This section shows you how to make smarter ones.

The site will be updated regularly, so please check back soon!

Questions, comments? I’m listening, contact me.

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