About Me

Hi, I’m Darren, and I’m the guy who writes the stuff on this site.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been interested in what I’d call ‘Human potential’. I’ve always pondered the questions: do we have more skills than we know about? Can our minds achieve more? How can we become smarter?

This initially led me to read any book or magazine article on the subject that I could get my hands on. In particular, I really enjoyed the books by Tony Buzan: ‘Use your head’, ‘Speed reading’ etc. I loved his mind-mapping technique. A great synthesis of creativity, learning and note-taking. In fact, its this kind of combining of techniques that I find most interesting.

Since then I've probably read hundreds of books on this subject, and continue to do so. 

Eventually these interests led me to study psychology at undergraduate level, and then (a few years later) I also completed an MSc in ‘Psychological Research Methods’.


As a voracious reader (although, sadly, my tendency to buy books outstrips my ability to get through them all!) I suppose it was inevitable that I’d eventually start to write books. So far I’ve written two books in the ‘brain boosting’ area: ‘Think Smart, Act Smart’ (co-authored with David Lewis) and ‘Boost Your Memory’.

Why I created this site

Quite simple really: I just wanted to share the best of the ideas and brain-boosting gadgets/software that I come across. I enjoy writing about this area, and also enjoy hearing from others who are experimenting with these tools. So please feel free to send me a message via the contact me page.

Other stuff I’m interested in

Being a bit of an information junkie I have many interests, including cinema, history, technology, retro video games, art, design and architecture.