Positive Thinking & Free-Will 

Guest Post By Werena Carsetti

Thought architecture is a way to manage your feelings and thoughts, while trying to hold some kind of control over yourself. This never has been seemed any harder as many scientists are now arguing that our free will is largely an illusion. 

We might think that we have control over our selves, in reality we only have a small 5% control over what is going on inside our 'walnut shells'.

Of course, this is one of the reasons why addictions are so dangerous, and hard to overcome.

Right, so after you have faced that your own will has always been an illusion, the time already has come to learn about how to use positive thinking to your advantage. When utilizing positive thinking the right way, you can ease will power problems and fulfill your life with more joy and reach your goals faster.

The next step is to be conscious of your thoughts. You probably can´t steer your thoughts most of the time, but you can start watching them with greater awareness and honesty. If something does not work out quite right, and you start to lose hope, remind yourself that filled with negativity you are not able to steer yourself doing the right thing, to make it work eventually. Be conscious of the negative emotions and force your thoughts; thinking it will be alright. Repeat to yourself that it all will be fine and dismiss every idea of failure.

If your inner (anoying) voice asks why you just don´t give up, simply snooze this uncomfortable feeling by implementing a fresh, positive thought: Without being positive I can´t succeed, negativity does not bring me forward and forward is where I like to go.

Positive Thinking and Habit Training

Positive thinking techniques work much easier once it has become a habit. Habit training really helps when it comes to taking control over your thoughts and acts. If positive thinking and thought control is new to you, remind yourself that it will get easier along the way, just keep on doing it.

Why Positive Thinking Is So Important

Positive thinking is important for many reasons. Whatever self improvement technique you are searching for, being positive starts everything. For example to drive positive energy towards the universe, or stop your mind of  those negative feelings that causes depressive thoughts. Even when you believe nothing will get better and you feel like a failure, it is still not too late to implement positive thinking techniques with brilliant results! 

Yet surely these positive feelings are artificial and fake? Yes and no. If you are now thinking that you shouldn’t be lying to yourself: I’d like to interupt you straight away.Positive feelings are never fake. Try to smile a whole day even when you do not feel well inside. You will find the proof through other peoples reactions. It turns out that your initial fake smile , causes real positive feelings!


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Werena Carsetti is the owner of openmindedlifepath.com